If you’re like many people, training harder doesn’t always get you the results you are looking for. Which is why it’s important to train smarter. Our fitness training experts at our Berea location, have put together the top fitness training secrets from some of the greatest athletes in the United States. Our goal is to help you train smarter so you can reach your fitness goals more effectively.  Below, we detail some fitness training secrets that have been used for the best athletes and that can help maximize your fitness training.

1. Train with a partner or in a group

When we train together we are stronger as opposed to when we are on our own. In fitness training, the same concept can push us past our plateaus and emotional fluctuations. If you prefer to work out with a trained professional, group or individual fitness training is the best fit for you.

2. Train with different equipment

Different kinds of equipment give your body benefits and utilizing an assortment of equipment in your fitness training plan can improve your body’s ability to overcome obstacles and keep you from burning out.  Top athletes know the importance of mixing up one’s fitness routine. We recommend trying a new fitness class!

3. Cross train for variety

Using different methods of training can allow your body to build strength and agility in certain areas while resting other stress points. A useful cross-training method is through aquatic training. The properties of water allow for buoyancy that eases joint compression and increases non-straining resistance, continuing to push your muscles.

4. Take time for recovery

Injury can be a major setback for fitness but rushing through an injury can cause irreparable damage. To avoid injury, it is important to allow your body rest and recovery time after intense training. There are also particular practices that can aid in recovery. Ice baths and foam rollers, for example, can help reduce soreness. Also, cupping therapy is a fitness secret that allows for increased blood circulation and toxin release for rapid recovery.

5. Yoga and Pilates

Slowing down can often be difficult amid the chaos of life, especially for aspiring athletes. Yoga and Pilates, however, are both types of exercises that allow room for the concentration of breathing and stillness. Not only do they help with reducing distraction, but they can also greatly increase flexibility. Several athletes practice these exercise formats to help increase their performances.

6. Treat chronic muscle pain with dry needling

Athletes suffer chronic pain just as much if not more than the average person. The repeated usage of any muscle, tendon, or joint may show wear and create chronic pain. One way to help reduce the muscle tightness and pain is through dry needling. Reducing the inflammation and stress of constant strain, dry needling has become a popular option in sports medicine rehab.

7. Create a healthy lifestyle

Although there are a few athletes that can get by with a poor diet, most practice strict eating habits. Recognize that your body is only as good as what you put in it. This perspective can help change your food attitude and build the foundation for a healthier, stronger you.

Request an appointment today to take advantage of our many fitness, wellness, and recovery programs. It takes consistent work and perseverance to get results, but you don’t have to do it alone. We are here to help you reach those goals through group and private training. To see what would best fit your needs, view our personal fitness class schedule and learn more about our group and private training online.