Do you ever wonder how you can workout with all of your aches and pains? Do you find that exercise such as walking and cycling aggravate your body?

“Aqua Fit,” may be the answer for you.

Working out in the water is less painful on your joints since you only use about 10% of your body weight. Water workouts may allow you to do things you could never do on land such as running, walking, or jumping with little to no pain. Simple movements in the water can loosen stiff joints and muscles allowing people to be able to move more freely and efficiently on land.

Aquatic classes are great for people who are arthritic or post rehabilitation, because of less impact on joints leading to less pain while gaining strength and endurance. Aquatic classes are beneficial for athletes who need cross training to prevent injury from a sport or for simply another sound way to effectively workout.

Water running, which is a part of some aquatic classes, is great for athletes who run while performing their sports and need a break from pounding on a hard surfaces, plus water running increases the heart rate in a faster period of time so it is great for cardio and weight loss.

Plyometrics in the water such as explosive jumping in various directions works on agility, speed, and strength, with less pain to sensitive joints, “Aqua Fit,” Aquatic classes, are effective to help people of all ages and abilities reach fitness goals. Working out in the water is fun, especially in a social group setting.

Liz Bedford, who is a Certified Medical Exercise Specialist, has designed two levels of Aquatic classes based off of people’s needs and abilities.
“Aqua Fit” level I, is designed for those who are new to Aquatic fitness, desire a slower pace, or those who just finished physical therapy and are recovering from an injury. Only body weight is used for this class, for people like the ability to control how much force they are exerting naturally. This class is conducted slowly with more focus on movement, preventative care, balance and stability, as well as strength and light cardio.
“Aqua Fit” level II, is instructed with similar exercises to level I, in addition water weighs are used to make strengthening exercises more challenging, as well as well as advanced exercises are conducted to take people to a higher level of fitness. Finally, more cardiovascular exercises are performed for extended periods of time to increase heart rate and encourage fat loss.

Both classes are challenging and stimulating depending on how much effort is put into the exercises. With an affordable price and the ability to work on strength and cardiovascular exercise at the same time is an added benefit to taking these classes.

Come try a different way to workout, move better, and get stronger, with a very encouraging and welcoming environment.