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At Ferrell-Whited, we are a private practice that offers full physical therapy services for people of all ages. Each of our physical therapy offices are home to highly skilled and licensed physical therapy specialists that are dedicated to getting you back to doing what you do well.

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3848 Medina Road
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Specialized Therapy Services Available at this Office:

  • Women’s Health Physical Therapy
  • Pain Management therapy
  • Sport Medicine Rehab
  • Cupping Therapy

Why Choose Ferrell-Whited?

Because as a private practice physical therapy facility, we offer better, more personal and affordable care compared to larger health systems.

Did You Know?

• Majority of patients receive their medical services through a hospital system
• A hospital physical therapy visit cost 2.5X more than the same visit you get at our facility
• High deductibles from health care plans are making patients more cautious about their treatment options
• At Ferrell-Whited, we offer high-quality care for a lot less in a privately owned independent PT clinic


Women’s Health Physical Therapy – We help make women feel comfortable and independent again by helping with issues related to the female reproductive system, the postpartum period, and urology, specifically incontinence, which affects 25-45% of women. We use highly-effective treatment techniques that promise to help women feel like themselves again.

Pain Management – If you deal with chronic pain, our therapists help create a treatment plan that helps relieve the pain and teaches you how to prevent recurring issues. Common pain conditions we treat are lower back and neck pain, headaches, work-related injuries, and more.

Sports Medicine Rehab – We offer a variety of options that help the athlete in you get back to doing what you love. If you’ve suffered an injury from your sport, we help treat common injuries and provide soft tissue mobilization, progressive resistance exercise, sport-specific rehab, and manual therapy to get you back in playing shape.

Cupping Therapy – This unique and highly-effective treatment uses suction cups to pull stagnant toxins to the skin’s surface to resume the body’s normal flushing process. This technique has been used for centuries across many cultures that helps your body heal from injury.

Let us help you get back to a healthier and better you.

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