Start your Road to Recovery from the comforts of your own HOME!!!

This Ferrell-Whited Physical Therapy Center is a private practice that offers full physical therapy services for people of all ages. Each one of our highly skilled and licensed physical therapy specialists are dedicated to giving you the care you need to get back to doing what you do well.  With the challenges presented by COVID-19 our Berea office has begun offering virtual appointments to those patients who feel more comfortable receiving physical therapy from the comforts of their own home.

Why Schedule a Virtual Appointment?

Virtual appointments allow you to get help with your aches, pains, symptoms, and exercises while in the comfort of your home.

The virtual appointments will be most useful for review and progression of exercises while monitoring safety, body mechanics, and posture as well as consultations/assessments.    Before starting our appointment please be in a room or area where you can move around to perform exercises and also have the privacy that you feel is appropriate for you.   If you are utilizing special equipment with your exercises (such as physioball, bands, foam rollers, straps etc.) please have it with you and ready to use.  The most common home exercise equipment is bands, foam roller, physioball, and or light free weights (1-5 lbs).  In many cases we will only need to have a virtual appointment once per week, since we are not able to perform our manual therapy and dry needling over a virtual appointment.

In this email I have included a link to our online clinic with VSee.  You will need to click on the link and follow the instructions in the link and create an account.  It will most likely ask you to download the app.  You can use this platform on any computer, laptop, phone or tablet type of device that has a camera.

Our Virtual Clinic Sight:

We recommend that you create your account a few days before your appointment so that you can contact us if you have any difficulty.  You will want to log into your account linked to our virtual clinic with VSee about 10-15 min ahead of your appointment time.  It will ask you for what is giving you difficulty and allow you to take and upload any pictures you want to share. You can also take a picture of documents and upload any documents you would like to share. You will then be in a waiting room and Bill will open the meeting when he is available.

If we need any updated paperwork, we can email you the information in advance and you can fill it out and either take a picture and upload it to your account with our VSee clinic, fax it back to us, or scan and email it back to us.  Some initial new patient paperwork can also be accessed on our website

If interested in a virtual appointment please email or call our office and leave a message stating that you’re interested in our virtual services.   We will then call you to set up an appointment time.  Therapist will be available for virtual live video appointments from 2:00 – 8:00 pm on Wednesdays.

*Depending on patient demand, we will open up more hours.


Virtual treatments or consultations:  $30 with no insurance (If your insurance covers Telemedicine for Physical Therapy we will bill your insurance company.  If you have a high deductible we will limit the out of pocket that you pay after insurance pays their portion to a max amount of $30) 25 minute session

Virtual Consultation:  $30 no insurance billed with this kind of appointment, 25 min session

Virtual Evaluation — $50 with no insurance (If insurance covered, the max you will pay out of pocket is $50)

*More insurance companies are now starting to accept telehealth visits for physical therapy.  We will let you know if your insurance is one of the companies accepting telehealth, during these times changes are happening everyday.

If paying directly with no insurance our office staff will call 10 min prior to appointment to take payment.  If appointment is being billed through insurance we will collect all insurance information if not already on file and will bill you the remaining balance after insurance, not to exceed $30 for treatments and $50 for evaluations.

Running Evaluations – Our detailed running evaluations are performed by one of our sports medicine professionals where they identify and correct any mechanical faults you have in your running style. We review your injury history and current running program and come up with solutions to help eliminate any injury or pain while running.

Personal Fitness and Training – We offer personal fitness training and classes that will help you reach your health goals, regardless of your fitness level. Whether you are training for an upcoming race, looking to continue strength training after attending rehab, seeking a new fitness routine, interested in losing weight and keeping it off, or are looking for a prenatal workout, our fitness classes will get you on the right track to living a healthy lifestyle.

When it comes to professional, quality, and affordable physical therapy treatment, nobody treats you better than us.

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